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Cajun’s Super Bowl XLIX Wrap-Up

What a game, right? For the uninterested 3rd party, I can’t imagine a better outcome than what we saw last night. Of course, uninterested 3rd parties are hard to come by when it comes to this game. As football fans, we tend to search out and weigh our comparative likes and dislikes over the course of the 2-week build-up in order to take a side because it’s just more fun that way. I was open and clear about my rooting interests from the start (heavily pro-Patriot) so last night’s outcome was enjoyable for me. I’m not enjoying the pain of lifelong Seahawks fans such as @jgrenn, @AdamLegg, or @sportsbronco, (who was AT THE GAME and had to witness the heartbreak firsthand). I really do feel for those guys because they … Read entire article »


SportsCajun’s Non-Super Bowl Related Post

Today’s post will have nothing to do with the Super Bowl. It will have nothing to do with 12s. It will have nothing to do with deflated balls..actually, let’s not be hasty…I’m a sucker for a good juvenile euphemism. Today’s post is going to try diligently to get away from football, from sports in general really. We need a palate cleanser. We need something that isn’t faux-controversy. So today, I’m going to talk about something we can all agree on: Taylor Swift has terrible lyrics. Something very strange happened over the last week. I got pissed at football. Not just the NFL but football in general. To paraphrase Dr. Banner toward the end of “Avengers”, I’m … Read entire article »

The Bandwagon Grows: 12s and the Twelvening

It’s been a shitty winter, this. I see you, sarcastic Southerner, asking with a cocked eye, “Aren’t they all?” The answer is, “No. Not really.” After a few years in The Great Land you learn to cope. You find the beauty in the months of darkness, the white in the long hours of black. This winter hasn’t been that way. We’ve had precious little snow to brighten the nighttime hours. We’ve had precious little cold to stimulate the senses and brighten the mood. There’s been no hoarfrost to coat the landscape, lending points of light to every surface. There’s been no squeak, squeak, squeak underfoot as shiny crystals grind against hard ice. Every day has … Read entire article »

After The Feast

I woke up Friday morning with a gut in knots and a solid mid-30’s hangover.  Thanksgiving always wins.  The anticipation is nearly as good as that first bite of piping hot turkey, that first helping of mac and cheese, that first cold pour of your favorite India Pale Ale.  Of course the second helping is never as good as the first, the continuous grazing of the cooling dishes on the counter even less so, and dessert is more nail in the coffin than cherry on top.  The next thing you know, you’re waking up on Friday morning with a headache from the booze, a gut-ache from the food, and a backache from falling asleep on the couch. In 2009, … Read entire article »

Cajun’s SF-N.O. Reaction and Week 11 Picks

(Note: I use a strange metaphor for my reaction to today’s loss.  I’m in no way belittling alcoholism.  It just seems fitting considering how I reacted today.  There are alcoholics in my family.  I get how horrendous a disease it is.  I quit drinking for a year in my early 20’s to prove to myself that I was riding the horse and that it wasn’t riding me.  So just enjoy this post for what it is and don’t hate it for something it’s not.) I wonder if this is how it feels when you relapse?  Earlier this year after one of the Saints’ four other losses my wife remarked that she was proud of me for not … Read entire article »

Embrace The Good: Cajun’s Week 9 Picks

Recap: NO at CAR I didn’t write anything before the game for a couple of reasons. One was related to an insane number of things to do outside of sitting down and banging on keys mid-week.  The other was that I had really run out of things to say.  I’ve noticed a trend this year of Saints fans wallowing in defeat like someone might revel in the relative warmth and comfort of thin, hole-filled blanket as they slept hungry and alone on a cold stone floor.  Then, when things go well, they struggle mightily to accept success, steeling themselves against any positive emotions by pointing out the imperfections in victory.  Against MIN it was loathing of the defense … Read entire article »

Cajun’s Week 8 Picks or “In which I took an American Indian Woman to a Redskins game and they insulted her”

ATL+3.5 vs. DET at London, UK If anything, ATL should be getting more points here.  I realize the London games are weird and that probably makes it difficult for Vegas to put a number on but if memory serves, these games aren’t necessarily close either.  If you had to pick a team to win in a blowout in this game, who would you take: the 2-5 Falcons who only beat New Orleans in OT and TB (both at home) or 5-2 Detroit?  You know which one.  DET to win, DET-3.5 MIN+2.5 AT TB Hey Saints fans, remember before the year when we were all convinced the Saints would run away with the division and the opponent we were … Read entire article »

Cajun’s Week 7 Picks

I’m on vacation with my wife and she doesn’t want me on the computer for hours on end (like usual) so the picks this week will be pretty short and sweet. CIN+3 AT IND IND is a way better team than I’ve given them credit for and CIN might have been a little overrated. IND to win, IND-3 TEN+6 AT WAS I’m taking my wife to this game tomorrow. As I said on twitter, it wasn’t until after I’d purchased the tickets that I realized I’m taking an American Indian (my wife) to a Washington Redskins game. I felt kind of bad about it so I asked her, “Honey, does the nickname ‘Redskins’ bother you?” She looked at me quizzically … Read entire article »

Cajun’s Week 6 Picks

Week 6. GO! IND-3 AT HOU This is a battle for the top of the AFC South and it should be a good one. I’m leaning IND on this one. Since starting 0-2 with losses at DEN and vs. PHI by a TD or less, IND has gone on to three straight wins in mostly convincing fashion. Granted, the teams they beat were JAX, TEN, and BAL but they beat them by margins of 27, 24, and 7. Not too shabby. They’re also throwing the ball well, averaging 323 yards per game. In my opinion, HOU’s resume isn’t as impressive even though they’re sporting the same record. However, with Arian Foster back, I expect HOU to try … Read entire article »

State Flags and Stuff

We find ourselves at an interesting point in the season.  After this weekend, the season will by over one-quarter finished.  It’s far enough in to draw some early conclusions, but not so far in that anything is set in stone.  There seems to be one question on every Saints fan’s mind. So what now? As others have astutely pointed out, the Saints have an equal chance at a top-3 pick as they do to be in a conference championship game.  The season is far from over although it admittedly doesn’t look great right now.  The good news is the Saints have seven of their final twelve games at home and the majority of their remaining schedule is … Read entire article »